When it comes to small building projects, maintenance, or repairs that need to be carried out at heights, contractors need to ensure that every component of scaffolding provides maximum worker safety. With that in mind, a Selflock toe board plays a vital role in reducing the likelihood of workers, their equipment, and materials falling off the scaffold working platform.

We at Disc-O-Scaff are the leading manufacturer and supplier of superior-quality Selflock scaffolding and with every component being meticulously checked before leaving our premises, you can rest assured that safety is our number-one priority.  

Toe Boards: An Essential Part of Scaffolding Safety

Access trade workers often require their materials and equipment close at hand which, if left unsecured on platforms, can easily be knocked off, causing unnecessary injuries to those working or walking below. At the open sides of scaffold towers, it is advisable to place a Selflock toe board as a protective barrier. The toe boards, together with handrails placed at the correct heights, may be necessary to comply with health and safety regulations.  

Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents

Working from heights is perilous, and having a Selflock toe board erected along the edges of working platforms that are more than 3 metres off the ground can prevent harmful injuries and fatalities. Should a worker accidentally slip or lose their balance on a working platform, the Selflock toe board will prevent feet from going over the edge of the platform. The availability of toe boards in a variety of lengths ensures that all open sides can be secured.

Why Scaffolding Safety is Crucial

Scaffolding can be dangerous if regulatory standards and safe operating procedures are not adhered to. With every component specifically designed with worker safety in mind, we at Disc-O-Scaff would like to point out the possible pitfalls when scaffolding is not used or assembled correctly:

  • Fall risks that can result from the improper installation of guardrails.
  • Failure to inform workers on the proper use of fall-protection equipment.
  • Lack of proper instruction on how to safely use scaffolding.
  • Failure to provide adequate access to various levels of scaffolding through ladders.
  • Incorrect assembly of the scaffolding components.
  • Possible scaffold collapse when the amount of weight on the platform exceeds maximum safe working loads.
  • The stability of the foundation that the scaffolding needs to be assembled on as this affects the structural integrity of the scaffold tower.

As simplistic as Selflock scaffolding is to assemble and dismantle, the improper erection of scaffolding can lead to a total collapse of the scaffold tower or objects falling causing serious injuries.

At Disc-O-Scaff, we manufacture our scaffolding components using SABS-approved materials and in accordance with scaffolding standards. With a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience spanning over a decade, we have supplied access and formwork solutions for some of the major construction companies in South Africa. Contact us for your custom scaffolding requirements.