Offering greater stability than ladders and providing a secure working platform, Selflock scaffolding may require more time for setup compared to ladders. However, when you need to move freely and carry out maintenance or renovations at heights for longer than anticipated, these access solutions are ideal. Whether needed for painting roofs, doing electrical work, or cleaning gutters, our Selflock scaffolding affords access trade the means to complete tasks safely.

Selflock Scaffolding Manufactured for Easy Assembly

The components of Selflock scaffolding are uniquely manufactured and designed to simply slot into each other, eliminating the need for fittings and tools. Unlike other forms of scaffolding, scaffold towers can be erected quickly and easily by unskilled workers and are a durable, short-term solution when working from heights. Selflock scaffolding is lightweight and compact, making transport and storage relatively simplistic, especially when maintenance needs to be carried out at more than one site.      

When Stable Working Platforms are Needed

The primary function of scaffolding is to provide a stable working platform at heights, and what provides that stability are the components. At Disc-O-Scaff, we take pride in the quality of our scaffolding solutions and would like to emphasise the importance of each component that makes up a Selflock scaffold tower:

  • Frames

Uniquely designed for quick assembly and dismantling, steel frames provide the height required for a task. Selflock scaffolding frames are so versatile that they are often used in events for staging and as lighting rigs.

  • Plan Braces

Placed diagonally, plan braces provide stability within the vertical and horizontal structural frames. Without the braces, scaffolding will be weak and unstable.

  • Tie Bars

Placed at regular intervals horizontally along the framework, tie bars strengthen and align the scaffold frames, adding to the structural integrity of the tower. 

  • Hook On Boards

Steel hook on boards simply hook onto the assembled scaffolding, providing a safe working platform. As Selflock scaffolding is normally used for light-duty loads, ensure that the safe working load weight of the platform isn’t exceeded.    

  • Toe Boards and Clips

When it comes to renovations and maintenance, the tools needed to carry out the task need to be close at hand. Toe boards are specifically designed to prevent any loose objects or tools from falling off the edge of the working platform, making it easier to keep them with you. 

  • Access Ladders

As Selflock scaffolding is used to gain access to higher areas, it is advisable to use an access ladder to reach various platform levels. The hook-on design of the ladders makes it possible for them to be moved from one level to another for easy platform access.

Leaders in Safe Access Solutions

At Disc-O-Scaff, each component of our Selflock scaffolding takes ease of accessibility and worker safety in mind. Our steel scaffold components are manufactured using only SABS-approved materials and in accordance with strict scaffolding standards. Contact us for superior-quality formwork and scaffolding.