Selflock Scaffolding.

Scaffolding - Self Lock Scaffolding

Selflock scaffolding is the ideal scaffolding for quick access normally used on small building and renovation sites. With unskilled workers, this scaffolding can be erected fast and easy. Typical usage for these towers is; quick maintenance, painting, and plastering as well as electrical work.

Steel on Hook Boards - Selflock Scaffolding

Steel Hook On Boards

Steel Hook on Boards are used to create a working platform in selflock scaffolding.

Plan Brace - Selflock Scaffolding

Plan Brace

Braces are used to diagonally brace the tower.

Tie Bars - Selflock Scaffolding

Tie Bars

These bars are used to strengthen and align the frames together

Selflock Toe Board - Selflock Scaffolding

Selflock Toe Board

These steel boards help prevent any loose objects from falling off the edge of the platforms.

Selflock Access Ladders - Selflock Scaffolding

Selflock Access Ladders

Ladders which hook onto the frames to allow access to the platform.

Image Placeholder - Scaffolding and Formwork

Selflock frames

Frames which interlock with each other to create a tower.

Image Placeholder - Scaffolding and Formwork

Toe Board Clip

A Clip which is used to join the toe board to the frame vertically.


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