Concrete Formwork Construction Manufacturers

Formwork in concrete construction is used as a mould for a structure in which fresh concrete is poured only to harden subsequently. Types of concrete formwork construction depend on formwork material and the type of structural element. Formworks can also be named based on the type of structural member construction such as slab formwork for use in the slab, beam formwork, column formwork for use in beams and columns respectively etc.

Economy Form Panel - Formwork Scaffolding

Economy Form Panel

Economy form panels are made up from all steel components and can be used for various applications. With a combination of sizes which range from 75mm to 600mm wide and 900mm to 3000mm long these panels are quick to erect and use.
The panels are joined by clips and wedge sets which are clamped through the slotted punch flat which runs along the perimeter of the panel. The panels are then aligned with tube or channel walers which are clamped with “B” or “C” clamps.

With the Multi application of these steel panels, they can be used to construct columns, concrete walls, bridges and many other concrete structures.

Clip & Wedge Set - Formwork Scaffolding

Clip & Wedge Set

Connects the panels together, by sliding the clip (loop) through the punched holes securing it by inserting the wedge tightly.

Wedge Assembly - Formwork Scaffolding

Wedge Assembly

Connects column boxes together through the PMI Slots.

Filler Panel - Formwork Scaffolding

Filler Panel

Filler panel is used to fill in the gaps when using non-standard modules and facilitate stripping in confined areas.

External Corner Angle - Formwork Scaffolding

External Corner Angle

ECA are a standard size of 50mm x 50mm which come in different lengths to join panels at a 90° angle.

Flex Form Panels - Formwork Scaffolding

Flex form Panels

Flex form panels are manufactured with 2mm steel face plate to ensure flexibility in the panel. They are used to create curved walls and are reinforced by tube and “B” clamps.

Economy Form Coloumn Box - Beam Formwork Scaffolding

Economy Panel Column Box

Economy form panels can be used to construct a square or rectangular column box with only 4 different components:

  • Different sizes of Economy panels
  • External corner angles
  • Column wedge sets
  • Push-pull props
Circular Column Box - Beam Formwork Scaffolding

Circular Column Box

Circular Column boxes are used to form circular concrete columns. These can be manufactured in various sizes.

Kwikstrip Beams - Formwork Scaffolding

Kwikstrip Beam

Kwikstrip beams are used to support the decking panels in the kwikstrip system, which includes kwikstage scaffolding.


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