Several Industries that Rely on Disc-O-Scaff’s Versatile Scaffolding Solutions

There is a misconception that scaffolding solutions are only used in the construction industry; however, without realising it, you probably see a scaffold tower quite often. Generally used when safe working platforms are required at heights, these versatile access solutions have proven their efficiency when renovations need to be carried out, buildings require inspection, and events need to be staged. Whether the hard-to-reach places require Kwikstage or Selflock scaffolding, we at Disc-O-Scaff will provide you with superior-quality scaffold towers.

Painting and Renovations using Scaffolding Solutions

Quite often, access tradespeople need to keep their tools close at hand, which can be a challenge when painting or building renovations are done on multi-storied buildings. With our scaffolding solutions specifically designed with safety in mind, our towers provide additional safety when cans of paint and paintbrushes need to be close at hand. Unlike ladders that may not reach the heights required or are too heavy to carry from one area to another, scaffolding has the option of being static or mobile, providing portability and easier access.  

Inspection of Buildings

From the ground up, before and after any construction project, building inspectors and civil engineers need to confirm the structural integrity of a building. As they require access to the entire exterior of the structure, sturdy scaffolding solutions allow them to adequately assess the construct.

Media and Photography Events

Billboards can end up taking a sizeable chunk out of advertising budgets. Strategically placed scaffolding solutions provide a means for big companies to gain excellent brand exposure at a fraction of the cost. In the film and television industry, scaffold towers are often used for lighting or as a temporary stage. You would be surprised how integral scaffolding is behind the scenes. Being able to set up cameras at higher angles gives photographers and cinematographers alike the opportunity to get that picture-perfect moment.


As each component of our scaffolding solutions at Disc-O-Scaff fits seamlessly into each other and does not require days to set up or dismantle, their simplicity makes it possible for event planners to use them to stage venues and stadiums for safe, additional seating.   

Smaller Projects Needing Scaffolding Solutions

Reaching for a ladder when minor renovations or repairs need to be done isn’t always the best solution. Our  Selflock scaffold towers are ideal for small building or maintenance projects, being relatively simplistic to assemble with unskilled labour and having lightweight platforms that simply hook onto the standards and braces, giving you a sturdy platform to work from.

For over 10 years, we at Disc-O-Scaff have been manufacturing scaffolding made only from SABS-approved materials and have supplied our access solutions to leading scaffolding and construction companies. Whether the task at hand requires our Kwikstage or Selflock scaffolding solutions, contact us and we will gladly assist you.