Many relate scaffolding purely to the construction industry. However, safe access solutions have extended to several industries, allowing them to use it practically and in some instances, rather creatively. Due to their relative simplicity in design and ease of set-up, scaffolding has extended its use to include events, cleaning, and advertising, to name but a few. Whether the scaffold system you need is for construction or to gain access to stage lighting, Disc-O-Scaff has the perfect solution for your specific requirements.

Scaffolding – A Versatile and Creative Solution

With the different design options afforded by scaffolding, you will be pleasantly surprised at how this versatile equipment’s practical uses can be turned into creative ones as well.

  • Events

Event planners have found a unique use for scaffolding by incorporating it as part of the decor and providing additional seating. It is a practical, temporary seating solution for outdoor events as it can be set up quickly and seat hundreds of people safely, as long as the platform weight restrictions are adhered to.

  • Advertising

The advertising industry shows an interesting way to use scaffolding as a means of brand exposure. It is the perfect solution for large-scale banner advertising as it provides excellent visibility. Due to the relative cost-effectiveness of scaffolding, this has become a viable option for all types of businesses.

  • Photography

To set yourself above the rest as a photographer, it is vital that you get that perfect shot. Scaffolding is not only used in photography to place lights and camera equipment. It enables the photographer to take pictures from various angles at heights.

Selflock Scaffolding

Practical Scaffolding Solutions

Besides being used to scale buildings at height in construction, scaffolding is used for more than maintenance work and renovations as it plays a big role in accessing those hard-to-reach places when you most need it.

  • Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning windows or the exterior of buildings, the safest and easiest way to access the various areas around them is with scaffolding. This is a lot safer than rope access, allowing the cleaners to easily reach the desired height whilst comfortably standing on a sturdy working platform.

  • Entertainment

The film and television industry uses scaffolding as part of their rigging. Lighting, sound, and camera equipment may need to be positioned at a higher angle to get the desired effect. For outdoor stage events, scaffolding is used to gain access to stage lighting and is sometimes used to strategically place speakers at a given height.

Leaders in Scaffolding Solutions

At Disc-O-Scaff, our safety guidelines and tips are backed by the high-quality SABS-approved materials that are used in the manufacture of all our scaffolding components. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, our scaffold and formwork solutions have been supplied to South Africa’s leading construction companies. Contact us to find out more about how our scaffold solutions can work for you.