The biggest advantage of modular access solutions is that they can be assembled according to specific design criteria, taking the safety of the workers as well as building accessibility into consideration. Kwikstage scaffold components are remarkable for their ability to enhance productivity while preserving the essential characteristic of scaffolding – providing secure working platforms at height.

As the leading manufacturer of Kwikstage scaffold components, we at Disc-O-Scaff would like to clarify the role several components play in maintaining stable platform alignments. With worker safety at the forefront of our scaffold design, understanding how the key elements work together gives a better insight into correct installation and use.    

Kwikstage Scaffold Components that have Revolutionised Construction

Kwikstage scaffold components have revolutionised the construction industry, allowing for the quick and relatively simplistic assembly and dismantling of scaffold towers. Availability in variable lengths, heights, and widths allows these systems to offer safe, practical, versatile, and flexible solutions to construction companies.

  • Base jacks

These square metal plates can be considered as the foundations, preventing the standards from sinking into the ground and supporting the load of the scaffold tower. Base jacks can be adjusted by a rotating wing nut on the threaded bar.

  • Standards

Also referred to as uprights, standards are the perpendicular tubes transferring the weight of the load onto the base plate, stabilising the framework and creating working platforms. When increasing the scaffold height, the standards must be properly connected and secured.

  • Ledgers

Assisting in distributing the weight of the scaffold tower evenly is the ledgers. These horizontal tubes provide a stable platform for workers to stand on and work from. Outside ledgers are attached to the building on either side, whereas the inside ledgers are only attached at one end. Without the ledgers, scaffolding would be unstable and extremely dangerous.

  • Diagonal Braces

Completing the rigid scaffold structure are diagonal braces, which prevent scaffolding from collapsing or falling over. As the name suggests, these tubes are connected diagonally between the standards and ledgers at each platform level, strengthening the scaffold. When potential hazards, strong winds, and heavy loads need to be supported, diagonal braces bring added stability, assisting in preventing serious injuries.    

  • Working Platforms

Hook-on boards interlock with each other to create the working platforms of the scaffold towers. The ends are designed to hook onto the ledgers to support the weight of the workers and their equipment without swaying or wobbling. Additional safety features, such as toe boards that are securely fitted to standards, prevent tools from falling off and injuring workers below.   

At Disc-O-Scaff, our Kwikstage scaffold components that have been highlighted are but a few that are crucial to scaffold safety and construction efficiency.  

Whether you are in the construction industry or require scaffolding for maintenance or repairs, our quality modular access solutions will give you the elevation you require. Contact us for more information on our bespoke steel scaffold and formwork products.