Depending on the type of construction being undertaken, several types of shuttering can be used, amongst them slab formwork, which provides the crucial structural element for flat surfaces. Whether supported on two sides or four, used to support beams or as reinforcement for a structure, we at Disc-O-Scaff manufacture and supply steel slab formwork, affording contractors a time- and cost-saving method of completing builds on site.

Importance of Slab Formwork in Construction

Slab formwork is considered the most vital form of shuttering as it allows other parts of the building under construction to withstand varying loads. Made from concrete and used to create flat horizontal surfaces, such as floors and roofs, slab formwork is supported by other forms of shuttering, such as beams and columns.  

  1. Flat Slab Formwork

Commonly used in commercial buildings, parking lots, and hotels, flat slab formwork is supported by columns that carry the load-bearing weight. This type of shuttering is not known for its aesthetics as it mainly provides a plain ceiling surface.

  1. Conventional or Regular Slab Formwork

Supported on beams and columns, this type of shuttering has a greater depth than flat slab formwork where the load capacity is carried to the beams and then the columns. Quite often, this formwork supports elements, such as scaffolding.

  1. Beam Formwork

With every type of shuttering designed to handle load capacities and provide structural elements, beam formwork transfers the loads from the slabs to the columns. This means that beams are constructed to carry the load-bearing weight from one wall to another.

  1. Column Formwork

Vertically orientated, column formwork transfers loads from the slabs to the foundation and ultimately to the soil beneath it. They support dead and live loads, including floors, bridges, and roofs, to name a few.

The structural elements of formwork work together as a system to transfer loads from slabs to the beams and then the columns, which assist in resisting the force of horizontal loads.  

Ease of Assembly and Dismantling

Successful slab, beam, or column formwork includes selecting the proper material for the shuttering and one that has been uniquely designed to hold the formwork in place and prevent movement during pouring.

Our formwork solutions provide ease of assembly with all components perfectly aligning and held in place with clip and wedge assembly sets. Not only does this present a smooth finish once the concrete has hardened but it also cuts down on time spent disassembling by simply disengaging the outer clips and wedges from their assigned slots and safely removing the formwork.

At Disc-O-Scaff, our steel formwork panels provide the construction industry with durable and versatile shuttering solutions. The ease of assembly, reusability, and affordability of our column, beam, and slab formwork make them particularly useful in building projects that require a high level of precision. Contact us for your formwork and scaffolding requirements today.