China took the first steps towards modern scaffolding as humans began to adapt building techniques to include higher structures. Lengths of bamboo were cut and fastened together, closely resembling the scaffolding that is used today. In fact, in some areas of South-East Asia, it is still the selected choice of material to construct scaffold towers. Building on the inventions of yesteryear, yet embracing the introduction of steel, we at Disc-O-Scaff are a proud manufacturer and supplier of superior-quality Kwikstage and Selflock access solutions.

The Introduction of Safety Regulations for Scaffolding Systems

One of the most iconic photos reproduced shows iron workers sitting on a suspended steel beam eating lunch. As much as the workers posed for this photo as a publicity stunt, the reality is that often, these men put their lives on the line to complete construction on buildings almost 300 metres high. Realising the extreme risks associated with working from heights, safety standards ensured that scaffolding systems had to follow strict assembly codes and that a safe platform had to be provided for the workers.

Why Construction Companies Rely on Scaffolding Solutions

As much as ladders are relied upon to provide an elevated platform when doing minor maintenance and repairs, construction companies rely on the stability and support that scaffold systems offer. Here are a few reasons why construction companies choose scaffold systems:

  1. Working from Heights Safely

When working from heights, the biggest concern for any construction site is safety. Scaffolding offers workers a means to move around the building site safely to complete a build. Modular scaffolding systems have been specifically designed with safety in mind by providing safe working platforms that are strong and wide enough to comfortably hold a safe working load and prevent possible injuries.  

  • Accessibility and Ease of Use

Modern scaffolding components fit seamlessly into each other without the need for bolts and nuts. Every part of a scaffold tower is manufactured in accordance with regulatory compliances and has been specifically designed for quick and safe assembly and disassembly. Whether required for an exterior build or interior electrical work and formwork, scaffolding allows workers to gain access to multiple areas effortlessly.

  • Long-Term Solution

Construction companies need to invest in access solutions that will last. Selecting steel over other traditional materials, such as wood, provides construction companies with scaffold towers that have a longer lifespan, are corrosion resistant, are durable, and can be used for several projects without needing to replace components.

The importance of using quality scaffolding in construction as well as for maintenance and renovations cannot be emphasised strongly enough.

Superior-Quality Access Solutions

For over 10 years, our Kwikstage and Selflock scaffolding solutions at Disc-O-Scaff have assisted in minimising risks, maximising on-site efficiency, and significantly shortening construction time. Our scaffolding systems and components are engineered and manufactured in-house in accordance with scaffolding standards, providing construction and access trade with superior-quality access solutions. Contact us for your scaffolding requirements.