Scaffolding in South Africa is not just for major construction; several types of scaffold towers are used for renovations, maintenance, and electrical work. Scaffolding has even found a place in event staging, as a means to hang lighting for sets and to provide additional seating. The key to scaffolding is to find a leading supplier in South Africa that manufactures the components from superior-quality, SABS-approved materials, which is what we at Disc-O-Scaff offer.

A Versatile Approach to Scaffolding in South Africa

By manufacturing both Kwikstage and Selflock scaffolding in South Africa, we at Disc-O-Scaff can provide major construction, renovation, and maintenance crews with rigid and stable platforms, enabling them to work from heights safely. Smaller companies and trade benefit from the mobility that our Selflock scaffold towers provide, giving them the means to access hard-to-reach places easily. The modular design of our scaffolding components means fewer connections, allowing for simplistic assembly and dismantling, thereby saving time and money on-site. As the most reputable manufacturer of scaffolding in South Africa, we assure you that no component leaves our factory until it has been green-tagged, deeming it safe for use.

Major Building and Repair Work

With your safety being our number one priority, we ensure that every element of our Kwikstage scaffolding provides you with a safe and sturdy working platform. Hook-on ladders allow workers to gain access to multiple platform levels without having to climb the side of the scaffold tower. Our hook-on boards are made from non-slip steel to prevent slip and fall incidents, and when combined with the toe boards, provide a safety net stopping tools from falling over the edge.

Scaffolding eliminates the risk associated with using ladders at heights, provides workers with a better position to work on walls, ceilings, and outdoor spaces, and most importantly, gives peace of mind knowing that a task can be carried out safely and with improved efficiency.     

Staging, Lighting, and More

Why waste an entire budget on staging when scaffolding in South Africa can provide a temporary solution at a fraction of the cost? In a short time frame, our Selflock scaffolding can be assembled with the platforms being used to showcase promotional items or decorate a space. Scaffold towers eliminate the need for expense rigging for lights and are often used at multiple concerts and outdoor events to light up the stage.

Placing castors at the bottom of our Selflock scaffolding gives access trade much-needed mobility. Used indoors or out, tools can be kept safely on the working platforms whilst navigating the various areas that need repairs or electrical work done.

Whether you are a big player in construction or a minor leaguer in renovations and repair, when it comes to scaffolding in South Africa, it is best to put your requirements in the hands of the experts, Disc-O-Scaff. Contact us to arrange your custom Kwikstage or Selflock access solution today!