Tips to Follow When Choosing Formwork Contractors

Once the plans have been approved and all the relevant local authorities have passed all the legal requirements, your priorities turn to the choice of suitable contractors, such as formwork contractors, to begin with the construction of your project.

Whether you are a project manager for a professional construction company or a self-designated private builder; your project is building a bridge over a national road or a high rise building; or it is a personal project of a multi-storey home in the suburbs, should you be building with concrete, it is inevitable that you are going to be needing quality formwork contractors.

Choosing Quality Over Quantity When it Comes to Formwork Contractors

The importance of this decision is sometimes dangerously overlooked. Selecting the incorrect formwork contractors could lead to devastating results. With this in mind, consider the following tips before committing to an agreement which could potentially severely affect your project budget.

Although there are several factors you need to consider when deciding on correct formwork contractors, the most important is the quality of the materials used to construct the form panels (or shutterings), the clip and wedge assemblies, filler panels, external corners or flex form panels, and all the other parts that would fit your specific needs.

Whether you need them for columns, beams, walls, slabs, footings, or any other moulded parts during the construction of your build, only companies that offer the best materials in the construction of their finished products should be selected.

Safety In a Build

Always look at the way formwork contractors put all the parts together. In other words, what links, clips, and wedge assemblies are used to keep it all together? And equally important, what is the quality of the company’s studs, braces, cleats, ties, and battens being used? This would affect the strength of the moulding and its ability to withhold the weight of a concrete pour.

Money, Money, Money 

When working on building projects, budget and costing need to be taken into consideration. This must obviously include factors such as lifespan and exposure to environment but in selecting correct formwork contractors, cost of transportation and availability of the parts you would require to finish the build must also be kept in mind.

Surface Finishes That Look Like Glass

What does the finished product look like? Aesthetics in post-production can run into tens of thousands of rands if the end product looks shoddy or unprofessional. Passing building inspections can also be affected if the work appears sub-standard. Qualified formwork contractors will ensure that the surface of the finished product is flaw free.

This is why we suggest that you consider us at Disc-O-Scaff. We specialise in all the above factors and so much more. We manufacture all our products on-site in our factory based in Gauteng, using only SABS-approved materials, thereby ensuring the best quality formwork products at budget-friendly prices. 

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