Checking Out Scaffolding for Sale

Some Useful Guidelines When Checking Out Scaffolding for Sale

If you need to work at a height greater than two metres for a prolonged period, your best bet will be to start looking for a company with scaffolding for sale. However, before you Google local suppliers and set out to visit the nearest one, it is essential to recall that this equipment has not just one but two purposes.

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Concrete and Shuttering Have Changed

How Concrete and Shuttering Have Changed Architecture Forever

While structures composed predominately of bricks remain popular, these rectangular building blocks have their limitations. Though undeniably attractive, they are useful mainly for relatively straight-walled constructions, such as simplex and duplex homes. A less rigid building material and special handling techniques were necessary to create rounded structures, such as arches, domes, and columns.

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Role of Scaffolding and Formwork

The Crucial Role of Scaffolding and Formwork

Since humans first abandoned the comparative security of their cave dwellings, they have strived to build increasingly more elaborate shelters. While reeds, branches, and mud were adequate building materials for their simple homes, as settlements became more permanent, the need for other forms of accommodation soon followed. The move to taller structures created a demand for scaffolding, and formwork became necessary soon after the invention of concrete. 

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