The concept of creating a stable platform for use when working at height is not new. On the contrary, evidence suggests that humans first adopted this practice during the stone age, albeit to create cave paintings rather than working on tall buildings. The idea persisted and was eventually adopted by primitive builders, who built their platforms from bamboo poles bound together with dried animal hide. Today, there are numerous brands of scaffolding for sale to construction companies, small builders, painters, and decorators worldwide. However, just two of these have grown to dominate the market in South Africa.

Time is money for large construction companies. They can often face crippling financial penalties if they should fail to deliver a project on time. However, despite the need for haste, the consequences of failing to ensure the safety of workers and the general public could be even more disastrous. These are concerns that have led to Kwikstage becoming the most frequent choice of scaffolding for sale by South Africa’s leading construction companies.

The Kwikstage product ticks all their boxes for several reasons. Firstly, it is exceptionally versatile. The product offers a comprehensive range of components that enable scaffolders to follow the profile of even the most complex building façades. While Kwikstage provides a highly stable platform, an experienced scaffolder will find it quick and easy to assemble and dismantle. One can bundle the dismantled components onto a convenient pallet for transportation or storage when not in use. Safety features, such as toe boards, stillages, and handrails also explain why this brand of scaffolding for sale has become the preferred choice of the nation’s top builders. 

South Africa probably has hundreds of small building firms for every one of its major construction companies. While they are unlikely to be involved in erecting bridges or high-rise office blocks, their jobs frequently require them to work at height. It is equally unlikely that a small firm will include a qualified scaffolder on its payroll, so they need a working platform that workers can easily assemble and disassemble. Selflock is widely accepted as the best scaffolding for sale for use by jobbing builders, painters, and decorators. This product’s greatest strength is its simplicity. Interlocking access ladders, toe boards, and prefabricated frames enable rapid tower construction and an inherently stable platform with few components.

Kwikstage and Selflock are international brand names, which, unfortunately, are sometimes used unlawfully. It is, therefore, vital to ensure authenticity and quality when selecting scaffolding for sale. Disc-O-Scaff is an authorised manufacturer of these iconic brands and employs only SABS-approved materials in their construction.

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