Why Selflock Scaffolding Is the Most Widely Used in Southern Africa

Its name is the first and most obvious clue as to why this product has gained such widespread popularity. When purchasing Selflock scaffolding, the owner will have no need to struggle with nuts and bolts to form a stable tower. Instead, the various components of this product have been designed to interlock and this makes the use of tools unnecessary. This results in two important benefits. Not only is it much quicker to erect and disassemble, but the simplified task should be well within the capabilities of the average unskilled worker.

The product is manufactured in full compliance with the international standards set for this type of equipment and made exclusively from SABS-approved materials which, together, account for its superior strength and safety when in use. It is, however, perhaps the versatility of Selflock scaffolding that has been most responsible for making it such a popular choice for use by those who are involved in the renovation and smaller building projects around South Africa and many of our neighbouring states.

Its innovative design has made it possible to erect a work platform that is practical, stable, and safe, yet which can be completed using only the bare minimum of components. The product is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. As a result, the latter option makes it a practical option for finishing and maintenance tasks. For example, quickly erecting Selflock scaffolding will provide an artisan with a much safer and more efficient option than two ladders and a plank when required to do some plastering, painting, or wallpapering.

The main components of the system are the frames which can be interlocked to form a tower. These are stabilised by adding diagonal braces, which are also designed to interlock. Where it may be necessary to create a wider system, additional towers can be connected as required by means of tie bars. Adding steel hook-on boards will provide the necessary working platform at the levels required and all that remains to complete a working Selflock scaffolding installation is to attach a hook-on access ladder. Toe boards are also available. They prevent any loose objects from falling off the edge of the platform and could be necessary to comply with health and safety requirements.

In summary, the ease of assembly, innovative design, flexibility, and competitive pricing of this product account for its popularity with smaller construction companies. Designed to the highest specifications and made from SABS-approved materials, Selflock scaffolding is manufactured and supplied in South Africa by Disc-O-Scaff.