Staircase for Kwikstage Scaffolding


Staircases are used to reach a height of either 2m or 2.5m high. These staircases are hooked onto the ledgers and have a non-slip platform to ensure safety when accessing a certain height.

Standard/Uprights for Kwikstage Scaffolding


Standards, also known as uprights, are manufactured from 48.3 x 3.35 high tensile tube, which is SABS approved. Along the length of the standard, located at 500mm centers, a group of four ā€œVā€ pressings are positioned at a right angle.

Steel on Hook Boards - Selflock Scaffolding

Steel Hook On Boards

Steel Hook on Boards are used to create a working platform in selflock scaffolding.

Stillage for Kwikstage Scaffolding


Stillages are used to store smaller components which become easy to handle when moving products around.

Swivel Coupler for Kwikstage Scaffolding

Swivel Coupler 50 x 50mm

Swivel couplers allows two tubes to be connected and swiveled into the desired angle.

Tie Bars - Selflock Scaffolding

Tie Bars

These bars are used to strengthen and align the frames together

Image Placeholder - Scaffolding and Formwork

Toe Board Clip

A Clip which is used to join the toe board to the frame vertically.

Toe Board Clip for Kwikstage Scaffolding

Toe Board Clip

A bracket/Clip that is made out of mild steel is used to join the toe board to the standard vertically, making the platform safer from loose objects falling off the platform.

Selflock Toe Board

Toe Boards

Toe Boards, also known as kick plates, are steel boards which help prevent any loose objects from falling off the edge of the platforms.

Trap Doors - Add On for the Hook-on-ladders

Trap Door

Trap doors allows an access point for the hook-on ladders which is used to close the gap on the platform once the worker has reached his desired height.

U-head Jack - Formwork Scaffolding

U-Head Jack

These jacks are used to support timber or steel channels. They are used to carry two single timber bearers or box floor centers. The spigot fits into the head of the prop or the jack stem can be used on a kwikstage standard.

Wedge Assembly - Formwork Scaffolding

Wedge Assembly

Connects column boxes together through the PMI Slots.