Hook On Ladders for Scaffolding - Disc-O-Scaff

Hook On Ladders

Hook on ladders are hooked onto the ledgers to provide access to the desired platform height. These ladders are clamped to the scaffold for safety.

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Internal Corner Panel (ICP’s)

ICP’s are used to align and secure standard panels on inside corners at a 90° angle. These panels are available in standard Economy form panel lengths.

Kwikstrip Beams - Formwork Scaffolding

Kwikstrip Beam

Kwikstrip beams are used to support the decking panels in the kwikstrip system, which includes kwikstage scaffolding.

Scaffold Tower - Ladder Beam for Kwikstage Scaffolding

Ladder Beam

A Ladder beam is made up of a steel tube used to extend a load across a wider distance or an opening creating a bridge between two scaffolds.

Ledger - SABS Approved - Scaffolding Products


Ledgers are manufactured from 48.3 x 2.65 high tensile tube, which is SABS approved and “C” pressings with a wedge, are situated at each end of the tube, which is later connected to the standards.

Pallet for Kwikstage Scaffolding- Scaffolding Components


Tubular pallets are used to store scaffolding products and used for easy handling for the products.

Plan Brace - Selflock Scaffolding

Plan Brace

Braces are used to diagonally brace the tower.

Reinforced Ledger Kwikstage Scaffolding

Reinforced Ledger

Reinforced Ledgers are used to allow stacking over the length of this ledger for more support and are used in loading areas.

Scaffold Tube for Kwikstage Scaffolding

Scaffold Tube

Scaffold Tube has many functions. This high tensile tube can provide bracing to a scaffold or be used as extra railings.

Selflock Access Ladders - Selflock Scaffolding

Selflock Access Ladders

Ladders which hook onto the frames to allow access to the platform.

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Selflock frames

Frames which interlock with each other to create a tower.

Selflock Toe Board - Selflock Scaffolding

Selflock Toe Board

These steel boards help prevent any loose objects from falling off the edge of the platforms.