Maintaining safe shuttering formwork practices during construction is paramount to ensuring the well-being of the crew and the structural integrity of the project. The improper assembly of shuttering can lead to disastrous consequences, causing damage to structural elements and posing significant safety hazards to workers on site. Adhering to strict safety protocols and employing qualified personnel for formwork construction ensures the successful outcome of builds.

At Disc-O-Scaff, we take safety on construction sites very seriously and offer several types of shuttering formwork, specifically designed and manufactured by a team of qualified engineers, to greatly minimise the possibility of any risks during the assembly and dismantling of our formwork solutions.

Shuttering Formwork: From Design to the Cured Structural Element

The design should be meticulously tailored to the specific structural element that is being constructed. A detailed work drawing of the formwork should be readily available, as it is essential for proper construction and adherence to the intended design. This ensures that the shuttering formwork possesses the requisite strength, stiffness, and stability to withstand construction loads.

The pour rate and height, temperature limitations, and sequence and scheduled concrete placements need to be included in the design. These crucial parameters ensure the safe and controlled setting of the concrete, minimising the risk of structural failures or quality issues. Shuttering formwork design must also account for the safe bearing capacity of the soil to ensure structural integrity and to prevent the potential collapse of the concrete structure.

Importance of Inspecting Before Pouring

An inspection should be carried out before formwork construction starts to ensure the following:

  • The shuttering can handle the concrete load in a safe manner.
  • Working scaffolds, ramps, and walkways are correctly positioned, spaced, and fastened.
  • There is ample space for the formwork to be carried out unimpaired.
  • Safety training has been carried out beforehand and PPE is worn.
  • Connections are secure and periodically checked during construction to make sure that they are in the right position and there are no signs of wear.
  • Clamps are secure for lateral stability and the alignment of all props and shores are adequate to handle the load.

Dismantling of the Formwork

After all the checks and balances have been carried out and the prerequisite time has elapsed for the concrete to have set and cured, you need to ensure that the formwork is dismantled correctly. Extreme caution must be taken as no component must be disconnected prematurely. This includes the scaffolding, walkways, or ramps. The bond of the concrete to the shuttering must be broken prior to removal.

When you cast a glance towards the urban skyline, remember that it was the dream of visionaries and the work of engineers that created these majestic monolithic buildings through the innovative use of formwork. Contact the leading formwork and scaffolding manufacturers, Disc-O-Scaff. Our expert team will guide you in selecting the correct shuttering solution for your concrete construction.