In ancient Egypt, the pyramids and tombs were built using a type of formwork which created the shapes of the stones. Unlike modern builds, the blocks that were made for these wonders were not done on-site and had to be shipped over canals and delivered to a plateau where they were potentially lifted up on sleighs by means of an inclined embankment. Imagine if the building process was still like that? With the advent of technology, our “blocks” are made on site through the professional assistance of formwork contractors.

The Importance of Formwork Contractors

As concrete forms the basis of every build, it is important that the formwork is done correctly and according to standards. This type of contractor must have an understanding of concrete and structural elements along with building code and industry standards and practices. On arrival at a job site, they need to evaluate the area and review the construction plans to get the information they need to develop the correct forms. In order for forms to adhere to code, they need to be able to safely hold the concrete in place while it hardens and must provide sufficient shape and thickness.

Preparation Before Construction

Part and parcel of being formwork contractors is site preparation. This can include excavation, setting up gravel and other drainage, and doing accurate measurements before the formwork can be poured. In some instances, consultation with the engineer can further assist when deciding on the type of formwork (reusable or disposable) that will be used in the build.

The Final Stretch

Once the contractor has checked that everything is in place and as it should be, the concrete can be poured and allowed to cure before the forms are removed. Careful planning is the most important element with forms as the contractors need to be sure that the concrete installation doesn’t cause any hold-ups on a job site.

The Creative Aspect

Not all the work that these contractors do is based on numbers and building plans – they also work on projects that require a certain amount of artistry. Some builds might require that the forms are curved or unusually shaped which requires a more creative outlook for achieving the desired effect and therefore the design of complex custom-made forms.

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